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The Carriage Driving Sports Group for drivers with disabilities is a registered charity (Charity Number : 1143265) and promotes the health of disabled people through the provision of training and driving opportunities in sports driving.

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With the idea of creating opportunities for all people with disabilities to compete and achieve their goals in equestrian sport, athletes are classified according to the level of their disability/impairment so as to provide for meaningful competition.  The Classification System is designed to enable disabled drivers to compete on equal terms against each other and means that the competition within each Grade can therefore be judged on the skill of the individual turnout, regardless of their disability.  Athletes wishing to compete in Para Driving competions are required to be classified. 


 In Para Driving there are two Grades; from I, the most impaired; to II the least impaired. In order to be classified, drivers must be medically diagnosed as having a permanent, physical impairment that can be measured objectively by a Physiotherapist or medical doctor trained in the classification system.

For further information concerning Para Driving Classification please visit British Equestrian

Click here for information on FEI Classification for Para Drivers

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