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The Carriage Driving Sports Group for drivers with disabilities is a registered charity (Charity Number : 1143265) and promotes the health of disabled people through the provision of training and driving opportunities in sports driving.

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So What happens during Training Clinics?



"Following my stroke in June 2005 I had difficulty driving my original pony. I completely lost my nerve, finding myself afraid to travel on a carriage, let alone control this pony,. I attended a CDSG training course at the Unicorn Trust, Stow with a borrowed pony. With dual reins and a reassuring instructor I slowly managed to regain the confidence to drive this pony. I continued to gain further confidence during subsequent session giving me much pleasure". Anne Yemm:

"I personally found the whole experience hugely positive as it was my first visit with my own (or rather, my children's pony) and after training and discussion with the coaches now know what we need to do next  to follow on our para Driving journey. It is an exciting opportunity and I definitely would like to improve enough to maybe considered for part of the team one day." - Louise Blanch

"The CDSG welcomed me as a newcomer to the sport of Horse Driving Trials and supported and nurtured me to achieve more than I could ever have imagined possible and that support and camaraderie continues". - 

Heather Clark"

"I enjoy driving because it's something different, I always wanted to have a go at Carriage Driving but had never had the opportunity to do so before" - Park Lane RDA

I went on the weekend only expecting to get better control of the horse and to learn basic handling of the carriage but I came away thrilled to bits that I had done dressage and cone work and nearly got the fastest time around the cones. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE IT WAS FOR ME and how grateful I am that Angela [Flanagan] had the confidence in me to allow me to do it. So thank you for arranging the event and I will definitely want to be part of the next one”.

There is nowhere else I could go which would give me range of experience. It is a fantastic experience on every level. To be coached by drivers who are themselves national champions is an opportunity I would not get anywhere else. This has now given me the confidence to volunteer to undertake the necessary training to become an RDA Carriage Driving Inspector.I am also working towards the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate Level 2 as an RDA Whip, for which the coaching I’ve experienced and watched at The Unicorn has been an absolutely invaluable training opportunity". 

Jenny Harris - RDA Whip & RDA Instructor (riding) Westmorland RDA Group Ltd. 
I come from an RDA driving group which has one pony, a two wheeled carriage and a standard set of harness.The CDSG sessions have given me the chance to work with four wheel carriages, both RDA and competition, and various types of harness set up in many different ways.

"The reason I enjoy driving is because it allows me to still be with horses without having to be on their back" - Park Lane RDA







19 October 2018

- Louise Blanche

An action packed two days with horses, drivers, backsteppers and coaches all enjoying their time together was had by all those that attended the recent CDSG-dd Traing at the Unicorn Trust, Stow on the Wold earlier this month.


With an array of drivers and turnouts in attendance many travelled from various locations nationwide to come together at the fabulously well equipped Unicorn Centre to work with UKCC Coaches Sarah Howe and Rachel Belliere-Wilson and learn from each other.


There was also opportinity to discuss different ways of enhancing seating arrangements for drivers and their helpers.

Everyone came with their own different aims and objectives and I personally found the whole experience hugely positive as it was my first visit with my own (Ok, my children's pony) and after being coached by Rachel and discussions with Sara and Margaret know what we need to do next  to follow on our para Driving journey.. Cheetah (the Pony), Nicky ( my friend and backstepper) and I definitely would like to improve enough to be considered for part of the team one day.
Park Lane RDA - travelled from Twickenham with two turnouts and all Drivers and coaches felt more confident and that they had built on their skill set by the time they left.  They were also full of praise for the standard of accommodation both for themselves and the horses. And very impressed by the quality of the meals- an essential component for optimum performance.
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