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The Carriage Driving Sports Group for drivers with disabilities is a registered charity (Charity Number : 1143265) and promotes the health of disabled people through the provision of training and driving opportunities in sports driving.

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CDSG Trainers & Team GBR Officials


All coaches involved with training sessions at the CDSG-dd are UKCC qualified

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Julie Camm

Julie Camm is an owner and General Manager of Alveston House Hotel near Bristol.


Julie used to event before she got hooked on driving. She started driving by accident about 15 years ago when she fell in love with a 12.3 hh black and white pony Victoria Plum, which she found for a friend's daughter to ride. She bought a book on driving and an exercise cart and got completely hooked on driving. She moved her ponies to trainer Robert Buck near Cheltenham about 12 years ago.


Julie has represented Great Britain in the previous four Combined Pony World Championships.

Julie stepped on board as Assistant Chef de Equipe with the Para drivers at the 2016 PE Worlds in Beesd, NED and is now working together with the squad and CDSG-dd drivers wishing to improve their driving skills.



Sara Howe

UKCC Level 3

Sara Howe is a carriage driving instructor and a UKCC Coach. She has her own driving centre, where she also runs the Bradbourne Carriage Driving Club at Sevenoaks in Kent. She is involved in all aspects of driving, particularly at her club shows, but also with the Young Drivers, and RDA.


Sara was introduced to driving at the age of about 18, when she went to help Michael Gilby at a competition. She then worked for Peter Munt for 7 years and helped him at competitions, stunt work and coaching. He was a very influential person in Sara's driving career. She began driving because both her parents were very high up in the horse riding world - a one day event rider (dad) and dressage rider (mum) and Sara wanted to do something different.


Sara has been British National Champion four times - in the Open Pony class in 2006 and in Advanced Pony in 2007, She has eight times been a member of Team GBR, having previously competed three times with a single (individual medallist on two occasions) and three times with a four, including as a member of the bronze medal team at Breda in 2015.

She drives Section A ponies, including two of the ‘gingers’ that have been part of her team throughout her international four-in-hand career.


When she's not driving or organising events, Sara enjoys eating out, watching shows and socialising with friends.

Rachel Belliere-Wilson

UKCC Level 2

Rachel has been a team trainer with the CDSG-dd since 2002. She is also a UKCC level 2 Coach.

She has herself competed for the British team in the Combined Pony World Championships 2005 and 2007 with her pony pair and is reigning Pony Pair National Champion. 

She was three times national champion, points league champion and Royal Windsor Grand Prix champion with her prolific Dun Connemara pony, Buttons, before moving on to Pony Pairs with her current Bay Welsh Section Cs Glenmead Flashman, Pontadawye Lord Lucan and Westonian Little Joe. Similarly she has been three times national champion, and is the current title holder of the British National Championships and of Royal Windsor, as well as team Bronze medallist at the 2005 Combined Pony World Championships. 

Rachel took up driving at 18, after a riding accident when she broke her back. She competes at National, International and World Class level in mainstream BHDTA and FEI competition.  

Chris Van Reen

UKCC Level 2 / LHHI

Chris van Reen is a professional carriage driving yard manager, rider, driver and UKCC level 2 coach.  She has worked with horses throughout her entire working career, heading up small professional yards on both sides of the Atlantic. Chris’ expertise lies in her quiet style of building up the trust, respect and partnership between horse and driver; she is a role model to many in the art of excellent horsemanship and care. Her eye for detail is extraordinary and it is no wonder that she has the distinction of holding both the B.D.S Private Driving Championship and the Concours d’Elegance at Burghley Horse Trials. 


A valuable asset to the group, Chris works closly with all drivers attending training session.  Her calm and confident manner is particulary beneficial drivers and she is very popular with all ranges of drivers. 

Chris is a qualified instructor, having gained her L.H.H.I in 2002 and her level 2 UK Coaching Certificate in 2010.  

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